Friday, November 13, 2020

Titusville - Rocket launches viewed from the cockpit


The view off the back of Fleetwing, you can just barely see the ascending rocket

We are on "A" dock which places the cockpit towards the south. With Cape Canaveral being to the south, that puts us in a good position to watch launches with a glass of wine in hand. So armed, we retreated to the upper level to watch the latest launch, conveniently times during our wine hour. 

Here's a better view as it passed overhead - with a roar

This weekend will be the second launch of Space X with astronauts for the Space Station, this time with four astronauts. There's a big crowd expected for the night launch. Such launches really light up the sky. We will have a first row seat from our cockpit. I'll take pictures. 

Meanwhile, the weather has finally turned warm and sunny without any rain! It's more like the Florida we know and love during the winter months. Hopefully, that will continue when we return to Fleetwing in January


Changes in L'Attitudes said...

Like you, we're enjoying the weather. After spending the time since we hit the blocks last TH to only do things 'under' the boat, it's time to start sanding to get ready for painting. Glad you enjoyed the launch. Even after all these years, we're still like little kids watching on YouTube and then looking 'live' towards the Cape. With the SpaceX launches, we watch through stage separation, and then go back to the YouTube to watch the booster landing on the drone ship ... or just 'dual task' and watch YouTube and the Cape when the boosters return here.