Friday, November 6, 2020

Titusville - Osprey Nests

You see these structures all over Florida, note the spikes under the next 
to help the ospreys avoid electrocution 

 On top of many power line poles, you will see an osprey nest. There are structures added to the top of many of the power poles in the area to support the building of an osprey nest. As a result, ospreys have made a great comeback along the ICW, you see them everywhere. Another favorite location is the top of daymarks. 

There are several nests around the marina and the ospreys are in always in evidence. Adding to the wildlife are the manatees, we've counted at least two in the marina but some years there are as many as a dozen. Then you can throw in the assorted birds such as the ibis and such so there's always room for bird watching. 

Meanwhile, we are still trying to get our car down from Deltaville to Titusville. We fired our first company, they were getting no hits at all on the contract. I'm sure that part of the problem was that Deltaville was out on a peninsula, not close to anything. It would be a couple hour trip out and back just for one pickup. The price was right at $600 for the first car transport scheduler but it's worth nothing if he doesn't get any takers. The second company we went with was highly rated but the price was much more than expected at $940. However, we're in a hurry and hopefully, the higher price will attract a carrier. 

New York requires us to get a COVID-19 test before we leave Florida and another one when we arrive. We can get the test down here at a local CVS, which we plan to do. Up north, everyone has started isolation sod we get the two weeks on record before Thanksgiving. Dutchess county is still looking pretty good for the virus but it's spiking everywhere, we have to be careful. There's no problem on the boat out on a dock with lots of free flowing air. We'll continue getting groceries delivered and otherwise, not going anywhere. The weather is nice with temps in the 70s so we're fine in place but we would like to get north for the holidays. 


Anonymous said...

I've followed your blog a few years now and always appreciate your wise advice. When you get your car down here I would recommend Wal-Mart for groceries. They have contactless curbside pickup. You can order anything that they stock on-line. We've gotten tools, household items such as towels from them as well as groceries. They don't charge anything to shop for you. You pay the same price as in the store. They do require a minimum 35 dollar purchase, not hard to get above that mark. When you place your order you select a time that you would like to pick up your order. They reserve the hour from 7-8 AM for those at risk and seniors which is the time slot we always select. When you get to the store you park in a designated spot, call and let them know you are there. They bring out your groceries masked and gloved and place them in your trunk. We have had excellent luck with them. If they are out of an item they will substitute a similar item or remove it from you final total. You have the ability to reject the substitution if you wish. All communications are via e-mail or the app if you install it. And if you do receive something unacceptable (ie out of date milk), just call customer service and they take care of it. We have found it to be a God send during this pandemic. Oh and BTW we're retired and I never worked for Wal-Mart LOL.
Kindest Regards,
SV Light Reach ( PSC 37)