Thursday, November 5, 2020

Titusville - Ibis abounds

bug thinning - like a lawn mower

There are flocks of ibis that walk along and are constantly pecking away on something in the grass. It seems that they would have to catch an awfully lot of bugs to provide any sustenance given the difference in body size between what they are eating and themselves. It would seem to be a great solution for the Lime ticks up north if they could survive the winter there. 

Florida white ibis

We're still watching Eta and the projected path. Titusville is not a well protected marina for riding out a hurricane. Eta is supposed to cross over Cuba and then do a right angle turn to the west, avoiding Florida entirely - which would be great for us! 

Meanwhile, we are still waiting for a carrier contract for our car transportation from Deltaville to Titusville. It seems to be a bidding process where the more you pay, the higher up on the bidding board you go for carriers. It makes sense but who wants to pay over $1000 to transport a car?  We will wait it out over the weekend and then see what our next step is if no carrier takes the contract.