Monday, November 9, 2020

Titusville - the winds abate - some


The present forecast for Eta - looks simple, it's headed north

This is has been a different kind of year for going south. We had great weather while on the ICW for which I'm grateful. However, after that bit of good luck, we ran out of luck with the weather. The winds started on Friday, continued Saturday, continued Sunday, and continued Monday. Each day it blew 20 to 25 kts with higher gusts. During the peak of the winds (associated with tropical storm Eta) it topped out at a gust of 47 kts (54 mph) sometime during the early hours of Monday morning. 

Here's a "spaghetti" forecast for Eta's future track
It's not so simple. One forecast has Eta going west, one north and another group
has Eta headed over northern Florida. NOAA just split the difference in their projection.

The boat was rocked with wave action kicked up by the high winds. It got so bad that we retreated to the main cabin in the middle of the boat where the rocking action was less. We were bouncing up and down about 1 to 2 feet before we gave up and set up bunks in the salon. We didn't get a lot of sleep.

We gave up on trying to get our car shipped from Deltaville to here. We executed plan B and reserved a rental car for the trip to Deltaville where we will pick up our Nissan for the trip home. We're keeping an eye on another developing system in the Caribbean that could produce yet another storm headed our way. We want to get out of Titusville before that storm comes north in case it's headed our way. 

We will return to Titusville sometime in January after the holidays and stay for the winter. Hopefully, the weather will be calmer than, like it has been in the past.