Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Titusville - the storm that wouldn't die!

X marks the spot where we are at, why are we so special? You can see Eta coming in by Tampa.
With all the rain and wind, hard to take photos.

 Eta hit us with 25 to 30 kts winds and gusts to 46 Kts (53 mph) but then wandered away towards the Gulf. Good riddance, we thought but Eta had other ideas. It decided to come back and pay another visit with a U-turn to the north and then it was attracted once again towards us. It couldn't quite manage a sharp enough turn to run over Titusville but it managed to turn enough to give us high winds (once again!) with plenty of heavy rain. It's dark outside here and the wind is howling (again). 

In all the years since we've been coming to Titusville (10 years), we've never had extended weather as bad as this. It's a little wearing and we're looking forward to getting our rental car on Tuesday and heading north on Wednesday. Hopefully, things will return to normal over the holidays and we'll have the usual nice weather in January through March - we hope - when we return south for the winter.

We are somewhat concerned about the trip north but we will require a motel room on the first floor and we'll take care in washing everything down before use - and wear our masks! None of the car transport companies came through for us. They all promised quick service but none delivered. We believe the main problem was the remoteness of Deltaville which won't be a problem for delivery from Titusville to New York in May when we go north again. We'll worry about that in the spring.


Unknown said...

Bob, I have the 2019 paper copy and have tried unsuccessfully to get the e-book (for all the links) from Amazon. Can I get a file from you or do you have other advice?

Thanks, John Hunt MARINER’S MATE II,

Bob423 said...

All the links in the eBook are available at

They are in the order of appearance in the hardcopy.