Thursday, January 4, 2018

Frost Again!

Yawn another day another dollar as they say it today went by like a jet to me. School is off tomorrow so I get off (editor's note, he doesn't get off, there's no snow down here!). But there is always a chance that the teachers go crazy and open school. Tonight we are having Papa Johns Pizza So no more chicken rice and beans for now. Anyways tomorrow tonight there is going to be a rocket launch so I am going to stay up late with grandpa to watch it. It’s a military spy camera that’s going to look at North Korea just in case they send us some warning missiles. So tonight we are just going to watch some movies and go to sleep. Well good bye

The white strips are frost, very slippery! This is not supposed to happen in Florida!
 One has to be careful in this weather of stepping out too rapidly in the morning. The docks had a fine coating of frost which was very slippery - icy in fact. Hoolie could just about pull me along as I slid along the dock. This is Florida weather!? I didn't sign up for this! 

The leaky seacock on the right is
barely attached
I did find my leak today. It came from the overboard seacock from the aft AC unit. It was made of what looked like very cheap plastic and after 14 years, it finally gave way and cracked, allowing water to stream back into the boat instead of going overboard. Luckily, it was above the waterline so there was never a danger of sinking - which was probably the reason a plastic seacock was used. All the below the waterline seacocks are made of bronze on the  boat. 

We have no desire to head south until the weather warms up and that's not due to happen until the beginning of next week. Meanwhile, Ann and Finn are deep into home schooling, taking advantage of our layover for weather. As is our custom, we'll have a car for the weekend although the rate went up from $10/day to $12.50/day from Enterprise. It's still a good deal compared to the usual $40/day during the week. 

Looking back, if we had not left the day after New Year's, we'd still be in New York. We are getting a weather bomb affecting the entire northeast (and January has barely started). Now it's time for provisioning over the weekend and repairing the leaking seacock.