Friday, January 19, 2018

Finally, summer has arrived with temps in the 70's during the day and 60's at night!!
Today was fun. We went on the ocean for the first time. It was a rough ride until we got to the inlet. Then we saw some big ships. They were huge. You could fit our house on there. When we anchored I went swimming only to find a dingy headed straight for me. Then they came to the stern and started talking to us about our Blog. What surprised me was that one was from CANADA. That was long haul. The other one was from Michigan. Then they left. Tonight’s menu is CHICKEN RICE AND BEANS. That’s all I got for you today.         

I don't quite know why Finn capitalizes our dinner menu. I asked him and he said, "Because it's CHICKEN RICE AND BEANS!". He sure didn't leave any on his plate so I guess it's okay. It was a surprise to be visited today by a sailor who's been reading my blog for the last five years and just this year set out for his own adventure. Yesterday I heard from another sailor with the same story. I guess you never know how many people you influence over the years through the internet.

The lights of Miami are always a sight at night
We have Finn with us so we're trying to take it easy on the passages to keep them short and with as little wave action as the weather permits. Today's trip from Ft Lauderdale was much more bouncy than we would have liked but Finn persevered without getting sick.

We found the Marine Stadium anchorage off limits due to the boat show so we went around the corner, under the bridge and anchored on the south side of the stadium. It's protected from a north or east wind which is fine for now since that's the direction of the winds for the next few days. On Sunday, we will sailed to Caesar's Creek for an overnight anchorage, then Blue Waters Marina followed by Marathon. The winds are still a little high for our 11 year old but doable. Once we're inside Marathon, it's totally protected (except from a Cat 4 hurricane!)

We are due in Key West 1/28 and we still intend to hold to that schedule.