Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Titusville - last day, then Vero Beach

A nice pond nearby with a kid play area by the far  bank
Today was ok. Well until the incident. I was happily coiling up some rope when my glasses fell off my sweaty head. I started cursing under my breath as I walked towards the boat. Grandpa got my mom on the phone. She told me I had to at least try to get them back. We also went to the dog park. Hoolie got so dirty we had to wash him. It was pretty funny. I also de-watered the dink. That was pretty fun. We also had to take a walk to CVS to get more milk. That’s all today for today.   

Finn's glasses fell into 11.5 ft of water with a soft mud bottom. There's no way to retrieve them short of getting a diver. We tested Finn's spare glasses and found that they are not magnetic so there's no luck there with using a strong magnet. A diver comes by about once a week and I'll give him a call to see if he can retrieve the glasses when he's around. Finn joined a long list of crew aboard Fleetwing that has lost stuff to the briny deep - including the captain and first mate. It's called the "cruising tax." It's sort of like the carpenter's tax where a builder will buy 10% more than what the plans call for because he knows from experience that he'll lose or mess up 10% of the stock. 

Here's the reason nobody's in the pond!
We walked to CVS to buy more milk for our trip south and passed by an innocent looking pond, great for swimming. However, the sign made the pond uninviting. A kids' play area is nearby, just a few feet away. One year I did see a rather large alligator sunning himself on the bank closest to the road so I know they are around.

So we filled our water tanks and dewatered the dinghy, we are ready to go. I'll get up around 5:30 am and we hope to leave around 7:00 am. We have a gazillion lines to undo so it may take awhile to get free of our home for two months. I think we are all anxious to move, especially Finn.