Monday, January 29, 2018

Key West - Turtle Races and Windjammers

Today was a good day. We took are morning walk and I saw a shirt with a T rex holding a pinching hand thinking I AM UNSTOPABLE end quote. I thought it was hilarious and took o picture of it. We had a normal breakfast witch I am starting to loath (Editor's note: he picked out his breakfast choices). We did school work and took Hoolie to the dog park. But I was not allowed to throw the ball far distance due to it being too hot and we didn’t want him to over heat. I also coiled up the rope so no one will get on my nerves about the rope (Editor's Note: his cousin, Sarah, will be coming aboard later and will be inspecting the coiling of the rope!). We just saw the turtle races at turtle corals. 4 won and that was the turtle I picked but I did not get a ticket. 1 ,2 and 3 did not move so that was a bonus. That’s all I got for you today. 

All the schooners went out today for the first time in a week!
The winds subsided to under 15 kts today and the Key West charter business came alive. Even the sun came out with the promise of a Key West sunset that went unfulfilled. Still, all the windjammers went out today for an afternoon sail and even a sunset cruise.

It was supposed to be a sunset cruise, but no sunset today with the winds back up to over 20 kts
All that good weather lasted for about 8 hours. Now the wind is back up to 20 to 25 kts and that's due to last for another three or four days - again. Even so, it's still warm so I don't mind too much since we're comfy.


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