Saturday, January 6, 2018

Titusville - Leak repaired

Ospreys are not bashful about perching very nearby on a convenient spreader
Well today was a bit exciting. I woke up to an egg breakfast with toast and bacon. It was delicious. That morning grandpa made me crawl into the aft locker and screw a nut into the mushroom. Then he told me to unreal the dink so he could check the mushroom .Today was a bit boring after that. I just handed tools to him all day in till we went to the dog park. Hoolie was way too excited so we had to hold him down till we got to the dog park. I got some good pitches in till the end when the wind picked up. Tonight’s menu is fish this time surprisingly. We had a boring day after that. At least tomorrow we get donuts. 

Finn is down in the aft locker screwing on the nut to secure the new seacock
Today was "fix the leak day" and although it was essential for us perhaps it was less than exciting for Finn. The aft locker with where the leak was located and Finn was the ideal size to fit inside while I was on the outside pushing the new seacock in. The old seacock was some form for cheap plastic that gave way with the years but I replaced it with a bronze model which ought to last much longer.

Finn is in at tee shirt  in 50 degree weather with a 20 kt wind, others are all bundled up - Oh the young...
It is very gradually warming up, just a few degrees a day. On Sunday it's due to hit the 60's for the first time in a couple of weeks! We are waiting for the warmer weather before heading south. We will get the last of the provisioning done Sunday and the zinc replaced Monday, then we're good to go. So it's off to Vero Beach an a mooring for Tuesday.