Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Key West - Chickens and Geometry

List of shapes
Today was a good day. We took are morning walk and had breakfast. We did school work and I had a test. We then had lunch. I had my regular lunch. And we took Hoolie to Mallory Square. I finished my model car today too. I put a reflecting layer on and put the turrets on as well as the stickers. We did not go to the dog park though but I can't blame them I was tired after our walk too. I got a high B on my math Quiz so that was a plus. That’s all I got for you today.    

Chose from the list of shapes, how many
shapes fit the one shown above?
I was amazed at what they are teaching now in 5th grade. Ann does all the work but I occasionally help with math and geometry. The geometry is what I got in junior high or high school. Just in case you think I'm exaggerating, I thought I would drop in a couple of the two dozen questions on the test. Why don't you take the two example test and see how you would do in today's 5th grade. The answers are in the comments section of this blog. How did you do?? Get everything right?

Sample test 2, list all the shapes
that fit the one above
Meanwhile, nature marches forward as we saw a mother hen and all her chicks today along one of the side streets. They were just striding along, pecking for food and growing bigger, the next generation is on its way.

Key West replenishes!
The second batch of high winds is ending tonight and now we are almost  back to normal! There are still empty slips down here, come on down, there's room!


Bob423 said...

Answer to Test 2 = Q, K
Answer to Test 7 = Q, P, H, R, S

Remember, you had list every one to get a correct answer.

wjs said...

That's some strange test. I have no idea what a kite shape is (kites come in all shapes), nor do I know what the symbols mean in the examples. I was good in math in school, but do I have to back and start over?


PS, I be there on Saturday - maybe I'll see you.

Bob423 said...

Bill, you should have seen the rest of the test. Seriously, it was something I remember from high school, not the 5th grade! Drop by Fleetwing when you get in.