Thursday, January 18, 2018

Let's see, at home this morning it was 1F with snow. I think I'll take the weather down here!
Today is our last day in Lauderdale. Tomorrow we will be on the open ocean. I will be equipped with my Sea Bans and my old pal (start humming heroic music) the slayer of motion sickness the vanquisher of mal de mer DRAMAMINE (you can stop humming now) so you know the rental car. Well I left my phone in there and the company got it out and had it at the front desk we picked it up and at that moment grandpa remembered to pick up some artisan bread. So we went to the bread store and bought some. I got some myself. It was delicious. That’s all I got for you today.   

The new mooring field was put in yesterday, seven moorings in all and one is still unoccupied
I got a call from Enterprise saying they found a phone in the car we had rented. I replied that I had my phone so it couldn't be ours. About that time we both looked at Finn and asked him if he had his phone. After a little looking around it turned out that he didn't! So Enterprise described the phone and sure enough, it was Finn's. So for the second time today we hoofed the mile or so down to the Enterprise office, this time to get Finn's phone. In the end, all is well.

The winds have calmed down enough for a ride in the ocean with an eleven year old. There will be a few waves but nothing serious and the wind will be at our backs. We plan on two days in Miami anchored out south of Marine Stadium and then sail to Caesar's Creek for an overnight before taking a dock at Bluewater Marina in Tavernier.  After that, it's on to Marathon. I called them this afternoon and learned that they even have a mooring available. This time last year they had a 55 boat waiting list! It looks like the sailing in the Keys has thinned out. Even if we can't get a mooring, the anchorage can't be as full as last year. We are staged well. Key West is an easy ride from Marathon. On top of everything else, we are finally getting into warm weather once we reach Miami. All the forecasts are from highs in the 70's and lows in the 60's which is normal weather for down here, I'll take it.


Cheryl said...

Sorry didn't get to say hi. Looks like Monday for us to head out. We are new at this. Headed to Stock Island Marina.
sv Renaissance, Cheryl

captainwjm said...

Bob, did you mean Blue Waters Marina?

M/y Travis McGee
Islamorada, Fla. Keys

Bob423 said...

Captainwjm, yes, I meant Blue Waters marine. The last time I was there I saw 4.3 MLW over the bar on the way in so I’ll need a little help with mt 4’ 9” keel. They seldom have a free slip but this time they did (one of their long terms left for a short cruise).