Saturday, January 27, 2018

Key West - Craft show and

The popcorn kid
Today was a Saturday. Saturday is a day of relaxation. A day of prosperity. But I did school work. We started it with math and ended it with math. Yes we did only math in the morning. We also took Hoolie to the dog park. I got some new shoes too. We went to C.V.S to pick them up. We took a walk to Duval Street to check out the merchandise. Grandpa got popcorn until it was devoured by me. I ate a large bucket of popcorn at the theater. By the end of the movie I was groping into the bucket wondering where my popcorn went. We saw a lot of vendors at the festival. They tried to sell stuff like plastic chickens and glass painting. But Nana said that the second we got on the boat it would break because of some bogus person that made a lot of wake. That’s all I got for you today.         

We had gusts to over 30 kts today in the harbor! They are supposed to subside somewhat tomorrow but not a lot with winds still in the 20's. As I said before, this wind is something else. The charter business is suffering since no boats go out in this wind.

However, once you walk inland, the winds are blocked by the houses and shuberry and it is nice and warm. We took advantage of the effect by walking to the craft show at the end of Caroline St. All sorts of vendors were set up selling their wares but we didn't buy anything since there is no room on a sailboat for anything not absolutely essential.

Tonight we had Key Lime Shrimp using Key West Pink Shrimp - just great!
Finn forgets that there are days when we don't do schoolwork during the week when we're traveling and have to make up the lost time on weekends. Today it was geometry, not a favorite subject of Finn but did it we did. There will even be some limited schoolwork on Sunday but not much. There is a new service at Key West that we will try out Sunday that does a loop around Duval St at no charge. Key West is trying out the service to alleviate traffic congestion downtown. In an island paradise, it hard to believe there can be too much traffic but it's true. It's a major concern for Key West with parking at a premium. Still, the temperatures remain in the 70's so the winds are not hard to take.


Sandy & Steve Bruckner said...

How is the iPad map replacement program going? Now that you have more on your plate with Waterway Guide, will you be recommending a replacement to the Garmin system?

Bob423 said...

Sandy and Steve, as you might guess, there’s a lot going on down here. I do have the first pass completed on my evaluations but I hate to make a recommendation without a thorough explanation. I can say it’s not going to be Garmin because I’m looking for a complete chartplotter app, not something just to complement Garmin products. Frankly, I,want an app that can replace a chartplotter. That requirement also puts Navionics in a bad light since they do not allow the importing of routes into their app. It’s also designed to work with companion products like Garmin does. That’s not to say that Navionics doesn’t have some very nice features, especially SonarChart but without route support, it can’t be considered a chartplotter replacement.

Fortunately, there are apps and that will function as full fledged chartplotters - and even better than most chartplotters for a lot less money (once you get over the cost of the iPad). Give me some time to do a rational article on the subject and I’ll publish it here. I’ll try and keep it objective and based on what you want in an app so you can make your own choice. Being part of Waterway Guide has slowed me down a bit on the final evaluation. Busy, busy, busy...

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,
Can't wait to see your recommendations regarding chartplotter and apps! We have a functioning but somewhat dated Raymarine (C80) system on our boat. Not sure if it's best to replace it right away or try to get used to it. The system we learned on was a contemporary touch-screen chartplotter, where you could type the name of the marina in a search and find it on a chart. The one we have now does not have a keypad, only a reel, which you have to rotate to find a letter or a number. Sigh...