Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hobe Sound - A cold swim

Kid + water = happy kid 
Today was fun. We are at Hobe Sound anchorage. I also learned my lesson from a barnacle. I was climbing up the swim ladder when I felt a stinging sensation in my arm. Then I saw red ooze on my arm and liked at a blood-covered barnacle. I got some Neosporin and put it on my arm. Then I took a shower. Nana and I tried some origami… it didn't turn out well. The trip was 5 hours long. I spent 3 hours reading. 1 hour on origami. And 1 hour on my device. That is all we did today. 

Note that the water temperature was 70 degrees, that might sound warm until you try it yourself
We slipped our three way mooring ball this morning and head south again. We are back on our usual schedule of 40 mile days instead of 60 to 70 mile days. It's a much more enjoyable trip when you can get up in the morning, shower and have a nice breakfast when it's daylight outside. 

In looking ahead to the rest of the trip, it's not favorable for easy rides. It's okay getting down to Ft Lauderdale, but then the high winds set in from the north. We are weighing our options on whether to wait out the high winds or shoot for a day when the winds are the least unfavorable and run for Caesar's Creek which is well protected and has a ranger station with a dock for Hoolie relief. From there we can time our passage to Marathon. 

So it's weather watching time again, the major activity for those on a passage, even coastal passages.