Thursday, January 25, 2018

Key West - Same as always

A kid and a dog - Hoolie's ready!
Today was our 2nd day at Key West. We went to the dog park in the afternoon. I got some good pitches in I do say so myself. We did school work in the morning. We went on are morning walk too. We did not see a lot of chickens though. I got news that they got wrapped up in newspaper and relocated to a safe place while Irma was coming down. We had a random reunion. Some people came on the dock an asked to talk to Nana. So I told her and said she would be right up. I finally got to meet Mr. Fish. He was a nice person and told us some stories about fishing.

Island Time Duo was holding forth at Schooner Wharf, just like last year
We haven't noticed any big difference in Key West. I was expecting much of the greenery to be gone or at least in the process of recovering. What I found was a Key West just like last year with lots of flowers and palm trees. The crowds seem to be as big as last year at this time. Barry Cuda is still playing although he moved from Friday nights at BO's Fish Wagon to Saturday nights.

Sloppy Joe's was doing the usual, full-house business
We had a visit from an old friend that likes to fish in the area. He's from New York too, right nearby our home. He had to leave his boat here during Irma and when he returned, he found it undamaged. He offered to take us out fishing so we'll see what the schedule might be.

The winds continue unabated and are due to increase on Friday and stay at plus 20 mph through the forecast window of five days. I can only imagine the chaos in the Marathon anchorage. I'm just glad I escaped that mess. The mornings and part of the afternoons are taken up with home schooling Finn. It takes a lot of attention to keep a grade-schooler up with his studies. Ann does about 95% of that work. At least it's warm here with temperatures in the 70's still, even with the strong north winds.