Sunday, January 7, 2018

Titusville - Merritt Island

Roseate Spoonbills at Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge
Today was fun. In the morning we went to Merritt Island. We saw a lot of birds like osprey a Great Blue Heron and a roseate spoonbill. Today’s donut menu was chocolate, blueberry filled , crower and a cinnamon bun. We also saw 6 alligators. That was the most we ever saw. We also had to get more provisions. It took almost 8 hours for grandpa to get his blue jeans. Tonight’s menu is jambalaya. 2 days straight without chicken rice and beans. Amazing. Tomorrow we do more school work, yay (sarcasm).    

Lots of alligators at Merritt Island today
Merritt Island is a bird refuge. Many species spend the winter here and so it's a popular spot for bird watching. We never miss an opportunity to visit the island refuge whenever we're in Titusville. We had never seen so many alligators as we did this year (6 in all). It was the warmest day since we've  been here, up to the 60's and Monday it's due to reach the 70's, wow. our daughter-in-law saw a low of -18F this morning in E. Hampton, CT! We would rather be here. 

A walk through the woods (without getting your feet wet). Very beautiful.
We will have the zinc replaced on Monday and then we are still planning on leaving Titusville on Tuesday morning with a destination of Vero Beach if the weather is good. A chance of thunderstorms may delay our plans but we are certainly headed south soon. We are wondering about Marathon. We know they are open for business but we're wondering about how full they will be. Last year they had a 55 boat waiting list this time of the year. Our slip in Key West doesn't open up until Jan 28 so we wanted to spend a week or so in Marathon. Otherwise, we'll try out Newfound Harbor but that's where the eye of Irma went through. I know Picnic Island is still there per the aerial surveys but it's been stripped of vegetation. Still, it ought to be okay for Hoolie. Time will tell.

The area by the visitor's center is just nice to sit and enjoy

Update! Space X just successfully launched the Zuma military satellite. We were out on the end of our dock to watch the launch and right on time we saw the Space X Zuma lift off.
Space X Zuma lifts off!! Spectacular sight.

Lookking high overhead, we saw the second stage light up and take off!
We knew the first stage was due to return the Kennedy Space Center and land but we couldn't see anything until several minutes after separation. The the sky lit up as the returning stage ignited again for its landing. We saw it descend and found out that it was a successful landing yet again for Musk. It is an impressive sight at night!