Saturday, January 20, 2018

Miami - last day

More water
Well today was a blast. We started it out wit some pancakes. They tasted delicious. I also snorkeled. I saw lots of rocks, a few crabs and a big fish. And we went on a ride in the dink. After that was it. We had a lazy day. We did some math to catch up with our class. Tonight’s menu is a tilapia sandwich with rice and beans on the sides (sorry this one was short but like I said we had a lazy day) that’s all I got for you. 

We have a beach nearby so we took Finn ashore, yet another day of boy + water = fun. He got a chance to snorkel and splash about. The anchorage here was proven to be excellent, at least in an east wind. Last night was as calm as being on land.

A nice ending to the day
Sunday is moving day again, this time to Caesar's Creek. We have to make the approach at dead high tide in order to clear the shallows with our 4' 9" keel from the bay side. We'll spend the night and move on the next day to Tavernier. The ocean exit has a little more water but not a lot at 5 MLW so we can scrape through even at low tide. We're then headed to Blue Waters Marina which has an approach of 4.3 MLW so it's another more than low tide passage. After that, it's Marathon.