Sunday, January 14, 2018

Lantana - an anchor south of the bridge

The bridges in Florida tend to  be picturesque, we're anchored south of this bridge
Today was a fun day. We started it off with an early morning genset run. He started it around 7:00 in the morning (Editor's note: it woke Finn up). We had a regular breakfast. I now on a Sunday. What happened to donut Sunday (Editor's note: so you wanted to swim ashore for donuts?) So anyways when we got to Lantana. I got to SWIM. And there were no barnacles this time. So I got a lot of time to swim and I took a shower. Tonight’s menu is ragout with corn bread and some chicken. That’s all I got for you today.

Today was the first of two days of bridges. In Florida, they are well organized. If you can maintain 7 kts, then you can make all the openings without waiting more than 10 minutes. We could just do that so the bridges were not a problem. That is not the case in North Carolina where the bridges that only open on top of the hour are not coordinated. 

As always, there's Hoolie relief nearby at the boat ramp
The winds are 15 to 20 and higher kts for the next few days out of the north so we'll brave more bridges Monday and hole up at Ft Lauderdale until the weather calms down. It's been a ferocious winter trip. It's been high winds and much colder weather than in our previous seven trips down the ICW. The one thing we've learned is to not fight the weather. If it's a no-go for our tastes, then we stay and enjoy the local scenery. We'll explore Ft Lauderdale for awhile. I think Finn wants to go in the ocean, a treat in January.


Irish Rover said...

Hi! We're passing Palm Bay on 95 as I write this. Keys tomorrow. KOA is closed but we're still on Sugarloaf. See you in the Keys!

Vermontsailor said...

One of our favorites in Florida is docking on the wall along the New River in Fort Lauderdale.
It use to cost a little over $1.00 foot with US Boat membership, 7 days max per year. There is dockage before the first bridge going up the New River, both sides. The rest of the wall dockage is between the three draw bridges which usually open quickly on demand. Lots to see and do in the downtown area. Constant parade of boats, mega yachts going by for additional entertainment. Can take the water taxi to the ocean.

Bob423 said...

Bill, we will meet you in Key West! We’re due there 1/28 even if we have to break ice through the keys! Such cold weather we’ve had.

Bob423 said...

Nile, we considered that but we chose Las Olas city marina. We have a kid that wants to go to the beach!

Fred Brillo said...

Bob, Right on Las Olas Blvd, just West of Andrews Avenue there is a children's museum. Our daughter loved it when she was Finn's age... there's a few good places for lunch in the area there too. There's also a pretty good art museum there on Las Olar. Las Olas is a great window shopping area.