Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Vero Beach Marina

A very protected mooring field at Vero Beach
Sarah's Blog for today:

Today I woke up to the boat going we went to Vero beach bright and early. For breakfast we had bagels  and then I worked all morning and a little after lunch. Then we arrived at Vero beach, but before that I saw  three dolphins I named them Alice, Blu, and Mia. Then we went on the dinghy docks and went for a walk and I got to feel Spanish moss. Then I got to guide the dinghy for half the ride back I think I did pretty good since summer. Now were going to settle in and were going to head out in the morning. Bye got to go look for manatees.

We had a 65 mile day so I got up before sunrise and took Hoolie ashore and prepared the boat for departure. We had  been tied up for over two months so there were a lot lines to untie. To avoid one of those "why are we stopping?" moments, we spell each other on counting lines attached to mother earth. Sure enough I was ready to go when Ann saw one more line attached to the bow. That would have stopped us! So after taking care of that line, we finally got off at 7:30. One also has to beware of fenders hanging overboard. They can get wedged between a piling and the boat when backing out (not that we've ever done that...) and it acts as an excellent brake on the boat, not good. 

There's a winter population here of boaters - a very well known marina among snowbirds
Getting underway, the day could not have been better for heading south with warm winds pushing us and we even had a following current. Arriving at the Vero Beach City Marina we even found an empty mooring, a rare thing during the high season of January. The marina has a policy of doubling up on moorings but there was one empty one and we immediately took it. 

The marina here advertises itself as "Vero Beach, where the tropics start" so we're officially in warm weather territory (hopefully). On Wednesday it's off to Stuart and a visit to the Fitchetts.