Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Loggerhead Marina at Stuart

Sarah has a long walk  back to the boat with Hoolie
Sarah's Blog:

I started off this morning with some yummy French toast and bacon. Then we started heading out to Stuart Florida, I did some work. Then I sat and looked at all the bridges we went under and the big house. I also saw more pelicans drying their wings in the sun. I tried to look for any more dolphins but I didn't find any more. It was also fun to wave to the passing boats and rock with the waves of the fast speed boats too. 

When we arrived the marina was really close to this big bridge and a train track too. Me and Grandpa went to the office also with Hoolie. It started by walking on the docks and then under the bridge after that we followed a path with all kinds of tropical plants I think is really cool, then pass the swimming pool pass the condos then follow a little path to the office. It was a long walk but on the way back a train passed by with 15 cars I counted, there were probably more I just started counting at the end. I also see a lot a people bike on to the docks which always makes me so nervous if they will fall right into the water. The plants I saw one was it looked like in the movies when they fan their king with a kind of palm tree leaf but not. Then picture a brush with all the fall colors on it, cool right! Then when we came back to the boat I saw a jelly fish with stingers, its the first one I saw with stingers. For dinner we're having salmon yum bye off to more excitement! 

The bridge here is like a sculpture  
It was supposed to be a calm day but the wind picked up out of the north which was fine since we were headed south! We clocked winds over 20 kts and we even sailed for awhile. There's no trace of antifreeze in the bilge so it must have been associated with letting the hot water tank cool off when we were up north for two months and something let go during the cool down cycle. There's been no repeat since. I had to clean the paddle wheel on the knotmeter but that's regular occurrence every couple of weeks. Lots of marine, small animals like the paddle wheel for some reason. 

The pleasant surprise today was the bill for taking on diesel, it was only $2.67 a gallon! That compares to my last fill up in October at $4.09 a gallon. Love that fracking oil! The marina here no longer accepts liveaboard due to local ordinances. There's no problem with us staying only two days but it's a shame to lose the facility for long term boaters. You can still leave your boat, you just can't live on it. 

On Thursday we're looking forward to a visit with Bill and Sharman Fitchett. They have a condo down here and I'm sure we'll play some bridge too. On Friday we'll head south again and overnight at the Hobe Sound anchorage before continuing on to see Joe Mastri on Saturday.