Monday, January 12, 2015

Titusville - last day

One last view of Atlantis - much bigger than I thought
Sarah's blog:

This morning me and Nana went on a walk it was  longer then are last one but it was very nice too. For  breakfast I had a half a bagel, bowl of cereal, half a grape fruit, and a blueberry filled donut too, yum! After that I some work for about a hour and when Grandpa was washing the boat I was on the look out for manatees. Sadly no Fat Joe, Key West, Barney, or James came to visit. I thought for sure that they would come because it was warm out for the first time. After that me and Nana went to the dog park with Hoolie and when we arrived it was just Hoolie in the big side but there were small dogs on the other side though if that counts. So me and Hoolie were playing with the tennis ball, he is getting better every time. We came home early because we felt rain drops and saw a barge with a crane too. When we got back to the boat it started pouring down water, were lucky we came home early or we would be soaked. Its still raining hard  but were going to have chicken broccoli Divan yum! Well bye off to a taste adventure.

Being a graduate of Ohio State I'm rather focussed on the game tonight for the national championship. We'll see if Ohio State can win with their 3rd string quarterback. Meanwhile it was making final preparations for our move south on Tuesday to Vero Beach. Nothing too exciting but necessary for ICW'ers (groceries, laundry, washing the boat, topping off water, etc.) We plan on getting up at first light and taking off. We have 65 miles to cover to Vero Beach, a big day for us at only 7.3 kts. 

Once underway, we'll see if that antifreeze leak reappears, ugh. There are showers predicted in the afternoon that may also slow us down so we'll have to look out for that too. We will only spend the night at Vero before moving on to Stuart. Vero has a policy of sharing moorings if they are full. Up to three boats may be assigned to one mooring - which I thought was fine with us since it would only make sense to therefore split the mooring three ways. - but oh no, that's now how they figure the cost. Each boat pays a full mooring fee, no sharing costs! Doesn't seem fair but that's the policy.So far we've never had to share but our luck may run out Tuesday.