Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Marathon - at anchor, last day

The beach at Marathon - and it's free
Sarah doesn't have a blog tonight. She spent all morning doing her school work and then had time at the beach followed by dinner Key Fisheries, a full day but no time for a blog. She'll restart her part of the blog on Wednesday night after we reach Key West.

Kids always seem to find kids
We watched our home cams several times today to keep track of the snowfall. It looks like we got 6 to 8 inches in all back in New York so to celebrate the snowstorm, we all went to the beach. There's sometime about the ocean and sand that seems to fully occupy kids. Sarah found two friends and they played for hours. On the way to the beach we passed 7 more boats anchored. I our previous eight times here, we've never seen so many boats in Marathon and only two or three in the passage to the beach. Perhaps boating is coming back?

Wednesday is our big day. The winds are to be favorable, out of the north which is perfect for our trip west and also off land so there shouldn't be much wave build up. Hopefully we can sail the whole way.