Friday, January 23, 2015

Marine Stadium at Miami - Last day

Just a beautiful area for walking along the water's edge at Marine Stadium
Sarah's Blog

Today I started my day for a walk and when we came up to the dock and we saw a dog that is a stray and has no collar on. We went on our walk and then the stray just sat there waiting. Then had a yummy breakfast and I started in on my work then had lunch. Then I played in the dink some more with Hoolie. It is very windy today is one of the reasons we didn't go today but we are on Saturday. We went on a walk again and the dog was still there in the same spot. I thought that it was so sad  he came up to us but we just kept on walking. We have tried all we can though, any way I practiced my piano for a good 30 minutes and now going to play some more. I don't want to name the dog because I would get sad about it and he may have one. We are having chicken tonight and rice yum. Oh and don't worry we give the dog a little dog food and water. Well bye going to play in the dink bye!oiHbb

It looks like Saturday will be a very windy day with gusts to 20 to 30 kts but off land. with that we'll start out down Biscayne Bay which is mostly protected, especially from west winds and make the transit through Caesar's Creek at high tide which we need, it's very shallow. Then we have to decide whether to anchor in Caesar's Creek for the night or continue onward to Rodriguez Key which is wide open to the east and south. If the weather barons are correct, we're to get a northwest wind over night which would be directly off land for the anchorage - which is good - but it's at 15 to 20 kts. So we have to balance out the shorter distance to Marathon by continuing on to Rodriguez Key and suffering perhaps through the night or a much longer day on Sunday to reach Marathon. We won't make the final decision until we actually pass through Caesar's Creek and take or not take the anchorage there. We're due in Key West on Wednesday. 

We enjoy the view of Miami every night, stunning in person
Meanwhile we explored the adjacent land in Marine Stadium. There's an excellent running and walking path right along the water's edge. We made two trips to enjoy the scenery and found a stray dog with a sad look that had no collar and looked for all the world like he was left behind by somebody. He was friendly but lonesome. We left some dog food and water and called the local animal control office but they didn't seem too interested, but we tried. 

We'll leave around 10:00 am on Saturday to time our arrival at Caesar's Creek at high tide. We need every bit of that tide to make it through. Hopefully the wind wizards will grant us a good passage to Rodriguez Key and the anchorage there.