Monday, January 26, 2015

Marathon - at anchor day 2

On a boat in Florida - but still has to do homework!
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Multiplication of fractions
So today I woke up and we decided go on walk and then we went into the dingy dock and we went. When we enter  there was a cool sign with a bunch of arrows and colors on it. We walked on the side walk then in this big park with a tennis court, basketball court, baseball court, and etc. There was also a play ground so I went down the slide. There are a bunch of play ground stuff along the way. There was a chin ups bar and a pole too. Then we went back and had a bagel and a half and me, Nana, and Grandpa shared the last of the grapefruit. Then I did all my school work, I did math, poetry, history, vocabulary, reading, and water work too. Then I drew some more and then I read Calvin & Hobbes. Then I read some more Anne Frank, am on page 224 so am getting close to the end. 

A few word problems, I'm sure you know the answers already
It is very windy today too, you can hear it whistling and see it blowing every where. Also when we came back from are walk and went in the dink and the cold water went every where plus the wind blowing it was cold. Then we went and changed and warmed up with the bright sun, but I think it is going to be cold tonight to. Well were having pork tender line and cheesy  broccoli. Cheesy broccoli is cheese melted on it yum! Also tonight we're finishing the Pirates of the Caribbean. Well bye am going to go back to reading more Anne Frank bye. oiHbb

It is not all fun and games for Sarah since she still has school work to do everyday as part of her home schooling studies. Ann works with her every morning on the work Sarah has to complete each day. Sometime I help out with the math but Sarah does most of it all by herself. She gets Saturday and Sunday off but she gets no snow days! Look at some of the examples of 7th grade math, remember this from your school days?

The place to eat in Marathon - fresh fish of all types
The wind is still blowing with the only difference being the direction, more westerly. We have another day to wait out the weather to get a north wind for sailing to Key West, hopefully on Wednesday. The anchorage is still packed but so far everyone is holding, even in 20 kt winds although the guy right in front of us did drag some today (or course, only the one directly ahead of us...) So far he's now holding. 


Irish Rover said...

Ann is writing very well, though I'm still trying to picture her on the slide! I see you have company again this trip. It's been a windy few days for all of us. Have a good sail to KW and give us a call when you are settled. Bill.