Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Key West - we made it! At E14 dock for the foreseeable future

A long ride today - Sarah snuggled up!
Sarah's Blog

Today were had English muffins with eggs and I turned it into a egg sandwich a. Then we were off to Key West and we put both sails up and motored too, so we went really fast. First you can see the seven mile bridge and we went pass that and down though the keys. I did some of my work before we left then a little when we started so I didn't have to worry about that at all because it was a good ride but still rough at some points. Then we made it to Key West and settled in a little bit. Also me and Nana took a walk with Hoolie and went around and looked at stuff. I saw cool stuff I want to get and the crazy sun glass wall and the sponge monster. Also the I remember the big wall that is painted on Key West that we saw. It felt really good to get into Key West too! We went to a restaurant yesterday and I have some left over chicken wings for dinner tonight and we might go out for ice cream too. Were going to watch the rest of the movie tonight and then tomorrow we will have TV too. Well bye going to watch the party cat go out bye. oiHbb

There was a little more wind than we expected! The direction was fine, out of the north so we had the wind abeam but it was very gusty. it averaged between 15 to 20 knots with one peak gust clocked at 31 knots! But the sun was out so the cockpit was warm even with the temps in the high 60's, not very warm for the Keys.

The source of our traditional arrival meal - the Cuban Coffee Queen
As soon as we arrived I went over to order our traditional arrival meal, Cuban Sandwiches from the Cuban Coffee Queen, the best around. So now I have the boarding platform installed, the step, the anchor line to keep the anchor from swinging (the anchor was lowered to make room for the boarding platform), electric, cable (we get that on Thursday) and a bunch of lines to keep us in place. We are now all set for our extended stay. It's time to relax.