Sunday, January 11, 2015

Titusville - we visit the Space Center

The Saturn V rocket is beyond huge - nothing prepares you for the size of this thing!

Sarah had some great adventures today!

Today we went to the Kennedy Space Center it was awesome! So we got are tickets and headed to the movie theater but we were two minutes late so we went on a bus tour instead. We saw the place were they shot the rockets to outer space. There was also a cool machine called the crawler that carries all the space ships to were they take off and go into the sky. We went to another building and saw a short film where it was about the space ship that went to the moon and got its first samples of the moon. They said that in front of us was the same control center they used when they got the space ship in space. I thought that was pretty cool, it showed a bunch a people around the world and country. 

The F5 engines for the Saturn V rocket had a zero percent failure rate!

Then we moved  into a room that had the space ship that went to the moon for the first time. also we went to watch another movie about them landing on the moon and found out they had trouble doing it. It had screens and had a moon stage that had the then land and a person on the moon with a flag too. At the other building we saw real moon rocks they say is 3.o million years old, also models of space suits. The first one was not very good, but the second one  look like one in a alien movie I thought was pretty cool but not for a person to wear on the moon. We went into a simulator shuttle, it felt like I was in a real one and going off into space, if I could do it again I would! I think I wouldn't want to go up into space because I worried about every thing way too much about alarms. There was this thing where you run up four high wall thing you go into a hall you take off your shoes and slide down this really steep slide, so I went down it and it was awesome I do that a thousand times. Before that I went in this fake satellite we were on the second floor so it hang other the first floor witch I was really nervous  about but I did it. We had lunch at the orbit cafe and I got a cheese burger and fries. Then we went to the gift shop and I got a T-shirt and a stuffed animal too. We came home and I played piano. Were eating dinner know mean I did this long so bye see you on the next adventure.

Note the outward, leaning fence
Well, quite a day for Sarah. We saw just about everything including the new Atlantis exhibit and the simulated shuttle blastoff. As a bit of trivia, we learned that NASA had to redesign the fences around the launch site to keep the alligators out. They originally had 7 foot vertical fences but the alligators would climb those! They had to put an outward curve in the fences to prevent the alligators from getting in. 

One is on Mars just like it

We did see a copy of the latest Martian lander. It was bigger than I expected, like a small truck! We will be here one more day then we'll leave Tuesday for  Vero Beach, finally.