Friday, January 16, 2015

Hobe Sound - at anchor

Nice anchorage
Sarah's blog,

Today I went on a walk with Nana and brought my camera so I took some pictures of the garden and I got some great picture. Then we had breakfast and said  bye to Stuart! I worked on some more work and then we arrived to where we anchored. I try out for a part I really wanted in the East Hampton sound of Music, I tried out on video and heard back to day that I can't be in it because I was a home schooler and it was a high school play and they wanted the children part for children so its only East Hampton schoolers. I was sad because I had a really good chance at getting it and I love the movie. At least I know I want to try for bigger parts and not in the back up. At least it will be cool to see the play with people I know too. After that I watched  The Missing Lynx it was a great movie. Were going to have tacos tonight that I love so bye out for another cool day.

It was a sad day for Sarah. She tried out for the school play via iPad videos I uploaded to her mother but was told a couple of days later that she wasn't eligible because she was a home schooler. I find it hard to justify that logic since her parents continue to pay full school taxes, they get no discount for not using school facilities for one of their children! Besides, what does it matter!? She's gone to school every year until this year, she's been in plays in the past and she was invited to apply by the head of the drama class. 

Sort of okay, a first sunset for awhile
After that upsetment, we shoved off from Stuart late morning and dropped anchor around 1:00 pm, a short day. It's blowing 15 to 20 kts  but we're snug and our 70 lb anchor is holding fast (as it always does). On Saturday we have 12 bridges to pass through that have to open for us.  Based on past experience, if we maintain 7 kts, we'll make them all without having to wait. The bridge opening times are staggered for that speed, like properly timed traffic lights. If you can't hold 7 kts, then you're going to miss a few of them and wait between opening times, typically 1/2 hour. It's due to be 10 degrees warmer tomorrow, cool today!