Friday, January 9, 2015

Titusville - All Kinds of Boats

How would you like to go out on the bow of this boat in a heavy sea?
Sarah's adventures:

Today I had two bagels, bowl of cereal, and a half of grapefruit fresh from  Harvey's yum! I started my paper bracelet kit where you make your own beads. I made some beads then but glue on then and then let it dry. After that I made my first bracelet out of paper. Then I worked on some work and read Anne Frank, very interesting in my point of view. After lunch we went to the dog park, I have never went to a dog park but I loved it! I got to play with other dogs and we went to the big dog area. On the way out we saw just a pretty gentle giant, real big, but super cute. I didn't know that there was different side for small dogs and also big dogs. I almost forgot that me and Nana went on a walk this morning with Hoolie too and saw a train which I counted 112 cars. On then was a lot of graffiti  every car. I was really nervous because the train was going really fast and had to make a turn close to all the docks [walking distance]. Tonight were having a yummy dinner, bye another adventure awaits.

This boat is next to us, looks like it could take a lot of weather
A lot of boats winter over here and you can see all kinds of styles. Fleetwing is rather mundane compared to the samples along the dock. However, we like our type and especially the enclosure, great for cooler weather. Today was more of getting ready for southing. I started the engine to see if any more coolant came out (it didn't) and then it was on to the binnacle to reinstall the radar that failed due to a screen driver chip ($800) and then on to the genset to replace the zinc. That's more an exercise in contortionist moves but I got the job done eventually. With all that we are now officially ready to continue along the ICW. 

Saturday and Sunday will be exploring days for Sarah with a trip to the Kennedy Space Center and perhaps some of the local wildlife areas. The big event tonight is the expected launch of a Space X cargo ship to the International Space Station. The only problem is that the launch is scheduled for 4:47 am! Nevertheless, we'll drag ourselves out to the cockpit to see the launch. A nighttime launch is supposed to be spectacular. Then it's back to bed for a more decent hour.