Sunday, January 25, 2015

Marathon - at anchor

Sarah's iguana
Sarah's Blog

Today I left Caesar's creek at 7:10 and we went off to Marathon and we had some bagels. Then I sat around and started drawing I drew a iguana that turned out pretty good. I colored it in with pastels and then made Hobbes  from Calvin & Hobbes that turned out really good, then I just slept. We  had both sails and the diesel running at the same time. I also amused myself by looking for lobster pots too. 

Then we arrived at Marathon and found a spot to anchor and we did. Then we found out we were to close to a near by sail boat so then we went farther back. Now were settled in and the sun set is so cool! Picture a bunch of clouds then bright orange every where like the sun just exploded, thats what it look like. There are a bunch of sail boat here that is why we had to move and it was hard to find a good spot. I am going to do some more drawing and were having scrambled eggs with sausage and biscuits too. Well bye going to do some more drawings bye.oiHbb

Hoolie's always eager for shore duty
Due to high winds and seas we were only able to make Caesar's Creek on Saturday which left us with a 75 mile day on Today, Sunday. We were blessed with 20 kt winds out of the north, directly aft of us so we had a push all the way to Marathon. We couldn't leave early since we had to make it over the bar on the ocean side. Still, we make the distance in 9 hrs 15 min, that's an average speed of 8.1 kts (9.3 mph). 

Love those Florida Keys sunsets! It was actually more brilliant than this
It was a very long day  but we're super happy to get to Marathon. Now we are only one day away from Key West, a hop we plan on making Wednesday, the 28th, our scheduled day to start our month's stay. We found that Marathon is full up. There are no mooring available and there's even a waiting list! That's with over 226 moorings! Fortunately, they still have an anchorage area which is where we are though it's crowded. We plan on just staying on our anchor and not try to get a mooring and save our $22/day fee.