Saturday, January 10, 2015

Titusville - We see a SpaceX launch

Sarah is taking her blog assignment to heart!

The view of the SpaceX launch at 4:47 am from Titusville Marina off the back of Fleetwing
This morning we saw a rocket launch at 4:47 am and we could see it right on the back of  the boat. It was amazing to see because you see it in the sky right in front your eyes! Grandpa had a count down going so we could here go up and let the rockets and " your clear to burn". It starts when you see a big light but you couldn't see the rocket part. Then when its in the middle of the sky you hear the ROAR! It's so loud, if you don't know it's a rocket it sounds like a hurricane that lasts for about a minute then fades away. Then we kind of saw it turn so it look like a meteor right in the sky but really bright and cool at the same time. For breakfast I made my self a egg sandwich, and grape fruit very sweet but very good. So I got a hamburger bun with sesame seeds it had one egg, American cheese, and bacon too, yum. Today I started my other bracelet kit with beads and charms too. One had a blue theme to it so I put blue beads and charm, another one was more peach then a green one too. Then after lunch we went to the dog park again and there were a lot more dogs. There was one with really thick fur and curly tail and a great Dan, a huskie, a puppy lab and a lot more too. Hoolie is getting really good at catching and dropping the ball too.  He ran his little heart out today, he was pull hard on the leash on the way there, the way home he was walking behind us. Now were going to have cheese burgers tonight and tomorrow more excitement.  

After the early morning excitement we all went back to bed and I discovered I had a very bad head cold. You're not supposed to get sick while cruising the ICW, maybe I didn't pay my ICW tax or something. 

So today was just for resting and for me trying to shake the cold. We're hoping that we'll feel good enough to visit the Kennedy Space Center on Sunday. Hopefully no one else will come down with what I have. We still plan on leaving Tuesday for Vero Beach if we're all healthy.