Sunday, January 18, 2015

Loggerhead Marina - Provisioning and Joe's for dinner

Just a fabulous day!
Sarah's Blog

Today I woke up then we had some yummy pancakes and sausage with fresh maple syrup. Then we got ready to go shopping and then went to Captain Joe's place and I went to the pool there! I got to try my new waterproof camera which works great. I got to take some pictures of me under water. I swam in the pool for two hours I didn't know how long! It was a nice pool and there were only me and a lot of seniors. They were nice and got to meet one from Ireland I thought was cool and he spoke like he was from Ireland too. Then we came back and had dinner with one of Joe's friend and had yummy brownies for dessert. Off to go for a journey so bye.oiHbb

Today was provisioning day for the rest of the trip to Key West. There's no convenient stop before then except possibly at Marathon but even there it's a mile walk to the nearest supermarket. Joe was good enough to pick us up again and cart us around to Winn Dixie and Sam's Club. It's true that Sam's Club has the best prices but they have such large sizes that it's difficult shopping there for us. Ann wanted to buy a rotisserie chicken and two side dishes of salads. The 3 lb chicken was fine but the smallest potato salad and coleslaw sizes were 5 lbs each!  So we do most of our shopping at either Walmart or a local supermarket. 

Monday is our challenge of 14 bridges in about 30 miles. Hopefully we can get in sync and make them all. When we miss it's usually due to an adverse current, sometimes up to 1 to 1.5 knots! We're aiming for the mooring field at Ft Lauderdale as the most convenient for us even though the price went up to $45/night. They have good laundry facilities and we'll need that by Tuesday. So far Wednesday looks good for the outside run down the coast to Miami and Marine Stadium.