Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Titusville - we meet the manatees

Not kissing, just after the same water drip
Titusville has a resident manatee population. They have about 20 at the last census. It's a protected area and there's apparently enough seagrass to support the population. The never-fail way to attract manatees is to drip fresh water over the side. For some reason they love fresh water, it's also illegal to do so. However, when a diver comes to the marina to work on a boat, he will set up a fresh water drip - otherwise, the manatees will invariably be more interested in the diver than in their own kind. After all, the diver is dressed in his all black diver suit (just like a manatee) and some are about the same shape...

So today we were walking down the dock and noticed a diver in the water and sure enough, he had a fresh water drip set up - complete with several manatees sampling the output. Looking at them, it's a face that only a mother could love!

How would you like to wake up to that in the morning!
With April 15 fast approaching, it was tax preparation day on Fleetwing. I was immersed in all kinds of form down below while Ann was in the cockpit. Luckily, all the major players have downloadable tax summaries for their area (USAA investments, all banks and all income sources such as retirement accounts) So after the downloads and in using TurboTax, I'm plowing through the forms, ugh!

We still plan on leaving Wednesday morning for Rockhouse Creek but it's only 31 miles north so we won't leave until around 10:00 or so. Nice day today, high of 78, full sun, warm breezes.