Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Daytona Anchorage - Between bridges

Ann saw a loon! They are rate around here
We had intended anchoring at Rockhouse Creek but when we reached there at 2:30 with such good weather it was a shame to stop so soon. So we pressed onward north to Daytona. There are about a dozen anchorages just off the ICW in Daytona. We picked one that had a place to take Hoolie for his nightly duties, a public boat ramp - the best kind.

Lots of retirement communities - condos here
As usual, after we anchored we attracted a couple of other boats that decided we had the best possible spot and wanted to be as close as possible to our ideal position!? Oh well, at least at this anchorage there is enough room for all.

As I said, we attracted a gathering of boats after we anchored...
We dinked Hoolie into shore and I walked him while Ann remained in the dinghy and fended off. The docks are raised cement, not very dinghy friendly but we managed. Meanwhile, Ann struck up a conversation with a couple of locals that live on the permanently anchored  boats in the area. One claimed he was headed to Key West and we both bet that we would see the same boat here next spring! His sailboat had no mast and didn't look in very good shape.

We'll be here just tonight and leave for Ft Matanzas in the morning.