Monday, April 14, 2014

Thunderbird Marina in Savannah - at a dock

On the way to Savannah - a dredge, what all ICW'ers love to see!
By reaching Kilkinney Marina last night, we were well placed to transit Hell Gate at a good tide, 6 ft in fact. That put all concerns aside as we could have made it across mud flats if they were present at low tide! We knew that Hell Gate wasn't that low.

Interesting sailboat, I wonder how much sailing they do?
I don't think we'll ever have another year of traveling like this one. Every day has been perfect and today was no different with temps in the 70's, light winds and no rain. Tuesday is a day of rain so we'll stay here another day and start out Wednesday in the direction of Charleston. I found an offer from Enterprise for a weekend rate of $10/day so now we have a car reserved there for a total of $32.00 counting tax for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, returning it Monday morning - not bad.

Typical yacht at Thunderbolt
Thunderboat Marina is home to really big boats. They have the biggest hanger I've ever seen, I guess for painting and refinishing large ships. However, they also cater to transients with the plus of giving out Krispy Kreme donuts in the morning, delivered to your boat! That alone is enough reason for us to stop, especially for Ann. They have an air conditioned laundry room that's never crowded which is another big plus.

We hope to meet up with Jack and Kay Cothren on Tuesday, they live in Savannah during the winter months and in the summer come back north to the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club.