Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lady's Island Marina in Beaufort - at a dock

Lay's Island Marina - it's on a creek by Beaufort
We had winds of 20 to 25 kts all day long and with a low of 42 this morning! That's cold down here, that's cold for us! We are not used to such weather after a month in Key West where the high everyday was 77 without fail. Perhaps we are coming north too soon?!

Hoolie met a friend  (he's friends with everyone)
We timed our passage north to coincide with high tide through the shallow spots. We could get through them all even at low tide but it's much easier on the nerves when you have some cushion under the keel. However, for Thursday it's not so easy. We have to take the Ashepoo Cut which has even less water, we would go aground at low tide through there. So the plan is to leave early on Thursday and once again hit the trouble spots at close to high tide.

A cookout restaurant - all the locals come in
Lady's Island Marina is a great find. It's only $1.25/ft and they are very accommodating. They suggested a local hangout for dinner tonight, the Fillin' Station. They have specials on Wed, Thurs and Friday. Tonight it was a hamburger, hotdog, beans and potato salad for $4 each but mostly it was for the atmosphere. At the bar Ann asked for rum punch (don't have any), Cosmopolitan (don't know how to make it), Manhattan (likewise) - but they did have lots of  beer and even wine - we took the wine. We were the only ones drinking wine, beer was very popular. On the way in I noticed that out of 10 vehicles in the parking lot, all 10 were pickup trucks! The owner of the place personally prepared each plate and served it himself. He attracts quite a crowd this way which I think is the plan since they all buy drinks which are not at a special price.

When I snapped this picture, one non-truck had sneaked in
We'll leave here at 8:00 am Thursday to take advantage of the high tides at the shallow spots and anchor out at Steamboat Springs, our usual spot before coming into Charleston. It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow (that was a joke...)