Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Barefoot Landing Marina - at a dock

We just loved the scenery along the Waccamaw River
We left Georgetown in good spirits at 8:15 but ran into a foul tide on the Waccamaw River, about 2 kts of outgoing tide! That cut our normal speed of 7.3 kts down to 5.5 and sometimes down to 5.1 kts! That's a huge difference for a sailboat. We didn't get to Barefoot Landing until 3:30 pm, a very long ride but at least the scenery was outstanding. From our previous experience from renting a car and visiting Brookgreen Gardens we know there are alligators along the river, we saw them when we visited the gardens last year but we didn't see any along the banks today. However, we saw plenty of turtles, ospreys with young in nests atop ICW markers and other birds of all kinds. It's a beautiful trip.

Turtles and fish, waiting to be fed at  Barefoot Landing
By and by we did reach Barefoot Landing Marina and was greeted by Art for an easy docking. We like it here for the shopping and just the walking around. Of course I always take Ann to Greg Norman's Australian Grill for a steak. We've found none better along the ICW. We have reservations at 6:00 Thursday night there.

I did not rent this car! A big step up from my Key West rental! 
When we were having our wine on the back of our boat, a couple stopped by to say hello. They had been following our blog and saw that we were docking at Barefoot and dropped by. We thought that was nice. I put the blog out with no restrictions and many just pick up on the blog to follow our adventures. For me it's like a modified ship's log but also just a running commentary on our experiences up and down the ICW.

Nice quiet evening, watching the sunset in a protected marina
We will be here either two or three days, we haven't decided yet, depends on the weather. We're in no particular rush to get north given the cold weather up there. I want to be warm going north!