Saturday, April 12, 2014

Jekyll Island - at anchor

The bridge at Jekyll Island - all the shallow water is past that bridge!
We went by the farmers' market in the morning to get some fresh vegetables but couldn't get Vidalia onions, they are later this year and won't be available according to the guy at the farmers' market until two weeks from now. So we settled for fresh strawberries grown in Florida, fresh bread and a variety of other vegetables.

Back to the boat we were off by 9:30 and headed north. Today is not a problem for skinny water, it's the next two days that are the challenge. The infamous Mud River comes up tomorrow and then it's the southern version of Hell Gate (same name as the one on the way to Long Island), it's shallow! Our plan is to take them all at high tide or at least as near to high tide as we can manage.

Hoolie's relief, it's a calm anchorage
We know the owner of Active Captain and he's taking the outside route! We want to take the more exciting inside route that will keep you alert and your blood pressure high... You can see if we get stuck on the Spot display from my blog.

We're at the Jekyll Island anchorage tonight and plan on reaching the Wahoo River anchorage by Sunday afternoon, late. Then it's on to Savannah for Monday night. We're headed north!