Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fernandina - We explore downtown and Ann gets a haircut

Ann with her stylist
One must stop in Fernandina is at the hair salon for Ann to get a haircut. She knows one of the stylists there and had the same one this year by reservation. First we dinked to shore and I ran for 1/2 hour while Ann walked at a fast pace with Hoolie - so we all got exercise.

strange flowering tree by the hair salon

Back to the boat for breakfast and then Ann had her appointment with her stylist. In conversation with her, Ann learned that her shears cost $400 and that the stylist wasn't satisfied with them. The better (!!) quality shears cost $800 apiece and that's what she really wanted. It's hard for me to imagine paying $800 for a pair of scissors (probably not the right name, there's a whole different level of quality for styling shears). At any rate, Ann was very pleased with her cut and we'll be back again next year for another styling.Hopefully, her stylist can get a pair of shears she'll be happy with, for example. 

Ann's dinner creation, yummy

The weather here has just be fantastic with temps in the 70's, almost no wind and dry, low humidity days. With that we've decided to stay another day and my all-time-date (Ann) has decided to take me out to dinner Friday night, great. Meanwhile, she prepared another wonderful meal, Sweet Pepper Salmon and we're presently watching the sun slowly dipping to the horizon, hard to beat the view.