Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thunderbolt Marina in Savannah - Jack and Kay Cothren visit

Jack and Kay Cothren from the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club - we greatly enjoyed getting together
We prefer not to travel on rainy days, especially when the rain is predicted to last 9 hours, effectively, all day.We've had so few rainy days that it hasn't  been a problem for travel. So today we sat out the storms and listened to the wind and rain as we were snug in our harbor. As promised by the marina, we had Krispy Kreme donuts delivered to the boat at 6:30, nice.

It stormed so much and rained so hard we were concerned that Jack and Kay may not make it to the boat but they came down the walkway in rain gear and a large umbrella, prepared! Fortunately, it had stopped raining for a brief period so they made it without getting too wet. We just chatted for a couple of hours in the cockpit and we caught up on PYC news. Nice to meet friends along the way back north!

Look at the size of that building, they do painting inside for big ships
John Kwak has passed us and is now headed to Charleston. We'll be there in two days ourselves where we'll probably spend the weekend. On Wednesday we'll get the back end of the front that came through today with a low tonight of 44 (!!) and a high of only 63. We haven't seen weather this cold since our trip north in December. Nevertheless, it will be sunny with no rain so we're on the move.