Monday, April 21, 2014

Awendaw Anchorage - at anchor

After no sun for a week, it's nice to sea a sunset again
We delayed our departure from St John's Yacht Center in order to go through the shallows above the Ben Sawyer Bridge on a rising tide. So with that we left around 10:00 and almost didn't make the 10:30 opening of the next bridge, but barely did. The tide was really coming in and at one point we were only doing 4.5 kts over ground!

The Isle of Palms passage is the shallowest of all the stretches of the ICW (have you heard this before...) - but it really is. After reading all the comments, I was determined to find a route through that would not require going at high tide. So with a combination of following the ICW line added with stretches of totally ignoring it, we did find a route with 6.6 ft at low tide and published it on Active Captain. If nothing else, it's a reference for me the next time I pass through this area. Perhaps it will help others.

The same sunset from a different angle
What a difference today was!! Warm sunshine (hadn't seen the sun for almost a week), little wind and it looks to be a calm night tonight at anchor. There are five of us anchored here but the anchorage could accommodate 100 boats! It's impossible to drag so we are all secure.

On Tuesday we're headed for Georgetown, South Carolina and hopefully fresh fish for dinner. There's a local seafood market with fish caught in the area. We'll just stay one night and then head for Barefoot Landing Marina.