Sunday, April 27, 2014

Carolina Beach - at a dock

There's a beach that goes with the park, but only at low tide
Today was laundry day after we had breakfast at 9:30 (!) Nice to be retired. The marina here remains virtually empty which amazes me give the low price relative to commercial marinas - this was a Sunday. So we went for walks along the half dozen trails supported by the park and had a good time just seeing the park sights.

A beautiful marina - but empty! And on a Sunday. $30/day is too much for the local population
We have webcams all around the house, one of which is focused on the furnace. It was a surprise this morning to see that the furnace temperature was only 57F! For some reason the furnace had cut out and the house was without heat. Luckily, all this week was above freezing with several days in the 60's so there was no problem. We also have antifreeze in the heating pipes so there was no danger of the heating pipes bursting from frozen water. Still, it's rather unsettling to see the furnace turn off for no obvious reason. So I called the heating oil company we use and they're going out to fix the problem on Monday. It's a good thing we have the $50 apiece webcams around the house.

One of the many hiking trails - beautiful just walking through the woods
Of constant interest is the weather forecast. We had thought that Friday would be the first good day to resume our travel north but now Monday looks okay and unless there's a big change in the morning, we'll be off around 8:00 for Swam Point Marina.