Saturday, February 1, 2014

Key West - day of photos on Duval

yep, Sloppy Joe's is still here, same as always

Same crowd inside too
Another perfect day in paradise, high of 78 with no rain and gentle breezes. Ann prepared her usual gourmet breakfast for a Saturday morning and then we headed out to explore what's changed since the last time we were at Key West. The first thing you notice is all the building going on. The highway (US1) coming into Key West is now two way (last year it was one way and you had to take back roads to go east) but it's still not fully completed. Most of he new sidewalks are done but the outbound lanes are just one lane wide instead of the usual two.

No change here either
Just remember this sign if you wander upstairs...
The beach area is unchanged but crowded as usual. We found a sushi restaurant we'll go to on Wednesday night down by the beach. Walking down Duval Street, we found Sloppy Joe's unchanged as well as many of the nearby haunts. You also notice the building and renovations along Duval Street too. Key West seems to be reviving compared to the last few years we've been here.

Nice view off the back of Fleetwing
Our view in the other direction - just a wonderful place
We had our dinner on the boat and walked over to Schooner Wharf to listen to their band for the weekend, the Paul Cotton Band. So we sat in the corner with Hoolie under the table tied with a short leash and listened to music under the stars (Schooner Wharf has no roof). Very enjoyable, warm breezes, etc. I think we'll do more of this.