Friday, February 14, 2014

Key West - How to find things on a boat

There is a certain technique available to anyone that will guarantee finding something that you've lost on a boat. I don't know if it will work elsewhere but it might but it works great on the water. I first used it when I was missing the bow light for my dinghy. It was a portable light that was held on my a suction cup and I had placed it for safe keeping over the summer. I turned the boat upside down, I thought, but I could never find it for over 6 months (!) until I used this technique - then it turned up within a week, no problem.

The second use of this secret of finding lost items was encountered by me when I could not locate a thermometer. The thing was, it was still transmitting its temperature remotely to the master station but I could not find the transmitter. It was obviously still on the boat (otherwise I would not be receiving the signal) but find it I could not! After the statutory 6 months I gave up and used the "secret technique" which turned up the lost temperature transmitter within a week (today)!

The artist Wyland paints buildings with marine scenes all over the world, here's one in Key West
So what is this "secret technique" that always turns up the lost item? It is simplicity itself, you just buy another unit identical to the item you're looking for and, voilĂ , the lost item will instantly appear (out of nowhere)! I had ordered a thermometer replacement from Amazon which arrived last week. When cleaning out the bench locker (where I had looked for the missing thermometer multiple times before) it suddenly materialized in front of me. Actually, I think it's a form of asking permission. If I buy an identical replacement, then I have permission to find the original. Or maybe it's a form of an offering? You never need two of these things but if you want one, then you must buy another and then you have two. Hopefully I won't lose track of my boat!

This hydrofoil boat will speed out to the reefs and then customers can see through the glass bottom and not get wet
I made use of the local fish market again to buy Key West pink shrimp. It's caught locally and the fish market supplies all the local restaurants and so the fish they have don't stay in the restaurant more than one day tops. Selling the fish retail is more of a local service since it's got to be a very small part of their business but I'm sure am glad they do! Ann made shrimp scampi for dinner, great.

On Saturday we're due to take the McKeevers and their friends for a sail, ought to be fun.