Sunday, February 9, 2014

Key West - Pastries and a Sunday stroll

Come down and visit - here's the fast suttle from Ft Myers Beach - no excuse now!
Old Town Bakery in Key West is a tradition. It's a small shop but they have French pasties and fresh baked bread every morning. They do a brisk business just on the aromas coming from the kitchen. As is our custom on a Sunday morning, I went over with Hoolie and picked up a blueberry cheesecake pastry, a blueberry scone and a sticky bun with walnuts. While there they had Tin Can Brioche with Walnut Levain coming out of the oven so naturally I scarfed up one of those too. One of these days we'll get back on a normal diet...

Here's why it's fast - a catamaran 
On my afternoon walk with Hoolie, I stopped by Sloppy Joe's to look in and found the place packed as usual, not an empty seat in the house. Unfortunately, it's a must see for the cruise ships that dock a few blocks away. It's best to try to find a day when the cruise ships are not in, hard to do but we'll try on Monday afternoon. In all the years we've been coming to Key West, we've yet to have a sit down session in Sloppy Joe's.

Peaceful evening - a view of Turtle Krall restaurant
I'll restart my three mile runs Monday which I do during the week, taking the weekends off. It sort of evens things out for weight concerns but our Sunday breakfasts are hard to compensate for. Still, one must exercise some. Hopefully, we'll be able to squeeze in Sloppy Joe's in the afternoon.