Saturday, February 15, 2014

Key West - We go for a sail and visit Mallory Square

Bill McKeever at the helm of Fleetwing in sunny Key West
Ruth and Bill McKeever dropped by today around noon for a sail. They had visitors with them from Virginia, Pat and Joe who also joined us for the outing. I know the description of weather down here is wearing on a few of our northern readers but I have to describe today as nothing less than perfect. The winds varied from 10 to 13 kts and the seas were mostly flat with full sunshine and temps in the high 70's, just perfection for a February sail.

Pat and Joe joined us too from Virginia
Bill brought along Cuban sandwiches from the Cuban Coffee Queen, none better on the planet (well, that's probably an exaggeration but they are certainly good and a bargain at $6.50 each). Bill bought six sandwiches and we still have two and a half left over, they are very big.

Ruth McKeever is at the left and Pat on the right
Getting off the dock is a little involved. We tend to grow attachments to land but with the help of the crew, we eased out and this time didn't forget any lines. Ann does all the docking now, both leaving and entering a dock.

Key West action - the Disney cruise ship and a daily charter out for a sunset cruise
After our guests departed, we walked over to Mallory Square to see the sunset. In the two weeks we've been down here, we've yet to see the sunset from there. It's just been so nice to sit on the back of our boat and sipping wine and listening to music in the evening. In Mallory Square the celebrations were in full swing but everything stops when the sunset comes - all eyes are focussed there! I watched closely for the "green flash" but didn't see it tonight but the sunset was beautiful nevertheless. It was a perfect day!
A glorious Mallory Square sunset