Friday, February 21, 2014

Key West - no more convertible :(

This is BO's Fish Wagon, of course, where else would you see such a collection
Well, I had to take our car back today so no more fun cruising around with the top down. On the other hand, you have to be careful and put on plenty of suntan lotion, this Florida sun it hot down this far south! So today was chore day (laundry, pump out, take on water, get ice, etc.) We had to run the A/C all day to keep cool.

I dropped by the fish market to pick up a pound of grouper and Ann found a Key West recipe for our enjoyment featuring Key West limes. The crowds are starting to thicken up these last few days, definitely more than when we first arrived. It's getting time to move on. We plan on leaving Friday for Marathon unless they are full (no moorings available).

It's very quiet at night here, somewhat surprising given Key West's reputation
We've been following John Kwak on his blog which he doesn't update very often but he does turn on Spot so we can see where he's been. He sailed south from Ft Lauderdale, spent two days sailing in Biscayne Bay and then sailed back north to Ft Lauderdale where he's at tonight. I don't know where he's headed next but we'll follow him on Spot.

On Saturday we're headed for the art show which is a big deal for Key West with over 100 artists in exhibit and 25,000 visitors last year. We missed it the last two years due to illness but we're all healthy now.