Monday, February 17, 2014

Key West - Schooner Wharf

Schooner Wharf - the band played on... and the ladies danced...
Ann wanted to see the exhibits of the local artists so we walked down to the Key West Art Center on Front Street to see what they had. They specialize in local artists with a variety of media. Ann had fun comparing styles. The best of the bunch were watercolors by one particular artist. Ann now does pastels but she used to do a lot of watercolors (they are very unforgiving, you can't cover up a mistake).

Close up of the band
We mostly just enjoyed being being out in the warm weather, walking around. Back to the boat it was another afternoon of lazing around (what a life...) and watching the passing parade of dinghies and boats coming in.

We had a chicken casserole for dinner and another walk to listen to the band at Schooner Wharf for awhile. It's so enjoyable to listen to music that good to listen to (does that make sense?). They know their audience so nobody around here plays the top 10 of current hits. In fact, Barry Cuda advertises he plays nothing later than 40 years old. Most of the other bands are not that bad but there's still no top 10 current hits (whatever they may be, I wouldn't recognize them if I heard them anyway). On Tuesday we'll pick up a rental car again and drive out to Bill and Ruth McKeever's RV Park for Mardi Gras, food, beer and festivities.