Thursday, February 13, 2014

Key West - Rain jacket sail

So you have no motor and no sail, what do you do??
Today was a day of high winds and rain, mostly high winds in the 20's. We were glad to be snug in a protected marina and not out exposed at anchor. While having wine on the back of the boat, we noticed one dinghy coming in without a motor that improvised a sail consisting of a rain jacket on an oar! They evidently had some mechanical problem and did the best they could in getting ashore. Luckily, the wind was mostly behind them on the way to the dinghy dock. I wondered how they were going to get back out to their boat at anchor?!

Ann's painting of flowers nearby
For us, Thursday is laundry day so that consumed about four hours since one load had to go twice to get dry. Continual usage seems to tire these dryers out, even the commercial units. So how we are clean once again. Ann has found a way to continue her pastel painting on the boat, for which I'm glad. It's more restrictive on a boat than at home but she has managed. I've taken to buying fish at the local market that also supplies all the major restaurants in the area so the fish is absolutely fresh! Tohight we had red snapper fillets Caribe with a dozen ingredients I won't repeat here - it was delicious as usual, Ann's a very good cook!

On Friday the winds are due to die off but the temperatures barely get above 70 so we've planned our sailing adventure with the McKeevers for Saturday when the high is predicted to reach 78, good for this time of the year at Key West.