Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Key West - Mangia Mangia Restaurant

Another view of our marina - we're on the left, about halfway down
We're due for a change of weather for the next two days with temperature dipping down to 70 for a high and with increasing winds into the low 20's. I'm sure the locals will break out their winter parkas with long pants (as in the past), you lose your tolerance for cooler weather once you get used to Key West in the winter. We're suffering through a spat of thunderstorms at the moment, nice to be in a secure marina.

Fine Italian dining
We walked down about three blocks to Mangia Mangia, an Italian restaurant that makes it's own pasta fresh everyday. It had a reputation for  being crowded so I called ahead to be sure they had a free table, and they did. Actually, the restaurant is bigger than it appears and there were still a few empty tables when we left although it was a Wednesday night after all. The meal was outstanding. Bill Spencer had recommended the restaurant and he knew whereof he spoke! I had Chicken Piccatta (white wine, capers, Fusilli Pasta with creamy Alfredo Sauce) and Ann had Scallops with spinach Fettuccine - all just great.

Not much to look at from the outside - but great food inside!
The restaurant has seating both inside and outside and we chose the outside tables. When we got back to the boat, the heavens opened up and I think a few of the outside patrons must have gotten a little wet. Most of the restaurants in Key West are open air with only a few with inside seating (or more correctly, with covered seating).

High winds are scheduled for Thursday and Friday so we'll do some boat work. On Saturday we hope to go for a sail with McKeever and a couple visiting with them.


Anonymous said...

Good pic of you two!

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Once in awhile I get in the picture too!