Sunday, February 16, 2014

Key West - Sloppy Joe's and Barry Cuda

After another trip to Old Town Bakery, I picked up our usual Sunday morning breakfast of  blueberry cheese danish, blueberry scones and walnut sticky buns along with a Sunday paper from Miami. It's really nice sitting on the back of the boat with breakfast in the warm sun, sipping coffee, and relaxing on a Sunday.

Even some of the trinkets look good - wind chimes
I got a call from our oil company making sure we had the driveway plowed out so they could make a delivery. I assured them we did (confirmed by our home webcams), our 22 inches of snow was taken care of by Paul, our summer lawn care company. The oil company evidently had a lot of trouble trying to deliver oil when nothing was plowed out and wanted to make sure in advance that they could get in.

Sponges were a major business for Key West
Ann started another pastel and afterwards we walked over to Sloppy Joe's to see Barry Cuda play the piano. He's one of our favorite musicians in Key West and we lucked out in getting a front row seat for the afternoon. After a drink apiece, we decided that we couldn't leave Sloppy Joe's without trying their signature sandwich named, of course, Sloppy Joe! Ann remembered sloppy joes type sandwiches from the high school cafeteria and was not about to try Sloppy Joe's version but eventually she nibbled at a piece and found it was nothing like what she had in the past by the same name - it was very good! I can understand why it's popular in Key West.

We enjoyed Barry Cuda at Sloppy Joe's
After Sloppy Joe's it was back to the boat and feasting on leftovers from yesterday's sail, Cuban sandwiches from the Cuban Coffee Queen, hard to beat. It's turned a little cooler her with temps tonight in the low 60's but it'll heat back up tomorrow. Key West is surrounded by water, a great moderator.